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    Hornetq connections capped at 4036

    R S Newbie

      hi All,


      We have  been using hornetq successfully for few years in our applications. We are still on version 2.4.2 ( I know its really old and we are long overdue for an upgrade).


      Recently there was an application code change that increased the number of connections made to Hornetq. We are seeing that hornetq is refusing any connection after it reaches a count of 4036. I am checking this via the following command.


      netstat -an |grep 54451 |wc -l


      once it reaches a count of 4036 - and new connections attempts are made we see one of the following two behaviors


      (1) An existing connection is dropped and the new connection succeeds


      (2) New connection hangs and timeouts.


      I have researched for a very long time and I am not sure where this limit is being imposed. We do not have any explicit hornetq configuration file that specifies this limit. I also checked ulimit and other OS level configs and didnt find any limits there either.


      Can someone please point in the direction that can help me find where this limit may be coming from and how I can up this limit ?