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    applet client to ejb

    Bernard Lavallee Newbie

      I have now managed to get an applet communicating with an ejb using JBoss. What I had to do, however, to get the applet to run was the following:

      1. Reduce my security to nothing.
      2. Extract some key jars (like j2ee.jar, jnp-client.jar, etc) into the c:\JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3\tomcat\webapps directory.

      I would like to use the jar rather than have to extract them, but if I use the jars, the client can't see the classes I need. Where does JBoss/Tomcat set the visibility of webapps to the client, or is that even the issue here?


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          Derek Knuese Newbie

          Hi. I'm trying to do the same thing--communicate from an applet to JBoss. I think I'm working through some of the same problems as you with respect to security. I don't currently understand what I need to do from my applet (note: I have username and password available to me within the applet) to login via jaas/get an initial context that "knows" about the security roles that my user has--as a result, I'm forced to set all my ejb method permissions to 'unchecked'.

          As far as making the classes available to the applet, I just added the appropriate jars to my war and have them downloaded with the applet. Is there a reason you can't do that?