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    jboss 7 and axis2-jws-api jar don't play nice

    carl christianson Newbie

      So this was quite a rabbit hole I went down.

      But basically i have a JBoss 7.1.1 implementation,  Java 7u181 64bit, on linux  (CentOS in production, developer Fedora or windows).

      We have an API that's published out as a soap webservice.  For the life of me  I couldn't figure out why the wsdl would not get created or the webservice deployed.

      I turned debug logging on,  no errors, nothing.  One build it worked, next build it did not.  Very minimal code changes.


      Then I looked deeper and found that a developer had put in a third party jar inside the lib directory of the ear.  axis2-jws-api-1.4.jar.

      Removing the jar of course means some code that depends on it won't work, but for testing purposes I removed that jar out of the ear file, and presto the wsdl gets created and the webservice is published.


      So my question to everyone is first off,  is why does this happen.  I think it's a class loader thing where this jar is trumping a jar from jboss that woulod handle this.

      My second question is, how do I have his jar in the ear, but yet still publish my webservice out and create the wsdl?