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    WildFly 9+ and fakereplace

    Sascha Janz Master

      i try to get WildFly and fakereplace running. but without success


      currently i use wildfly 9 and java 1.8.0_181 , but of course i will also try with younger versions.


      i added the following to my JAVA_OPTIONS




      also i have an exploded ear archive deployed. i checked the classes were registered from fakereplace


      when i change a class file and put it in the exploded ear archive fakereplace recognizes the change. but without affect. the code changes were not not loaded.


      i also set the System property to let watch java source files like


      set fakereplace.source-paths.[myapplication.ear]=Q:\workspaces\workspace\myapplication\src\action


      could anyone help?






      i am still trying to get it work.


      i found out the system property was wrong


      it had to be


      set fakereplace.source-paths.myapplication.ear.myapplication.war=Q:\workspaces\workspace\myapplication\src\action


      Both, changing source Files or directly replacing the class file causes fakereplace to modify my class.


      The changed class has nothing special. it's a simple java class with a public String changed.


      but the change does not appear....


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