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    Execute action in all nodes with jboss in domain mode

    Pablo Aleman Newbie

      I'm running Jboss in domain mode and I have a startup singleton EJB that contain parameters, the parameters are readed from database and stored in a map in the EJB, aditionally in the EJB I have a scheduler that refresh the parameters every hour. Now I need that if some parameter is updated the new parameter should be updated in all nodes and don't wait almost one hour to refresh.

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          Paul Ferraro Master

          This should be trivial to implement using WF's clustering API.  Assuming you're using the "ha" or "full-ha" profile, the following should do the trick:


          public interface PropertyChangeListener {

             void propertyChanged(String name, Object value);



          public class PropertyChangeCommand implements org.wildfly.clustering.dispatcher.Command<Void, PropertyChangeListener> {

              // N.B. Any properties of a command must be serializable

              private final String name;

              private final Object value;


              public PropertyChangeCommand(String name, Object value) {

                  this.name = name;

                  this.value = value;




              public Void execute(PropertyChangeListener listener) {

                  listener.propertyChanged(this.name, this.value);

                  return null;






          public class MyBean implements PropertyChangeListener {

             @Resource(lookup = "java:jboss/clustering/dispatcher/default") // Inject a CommandDispatcherFactory using the default channel of the server

             private  org.wildfly.clustering.dispatcher.CommandDispatcherFactory factory;

             private  org.wildfly.clustering.dispatcher.CommandDispatcher<PropertyChangeListener> dispatcher;



             public void init() {

                 this.dispatcher = this.factory.createCommandDispatcher(this.getClass().getName(), this);




             public void destroy() {




             public void update(String name, Object value) {

                 try {

                     Map<Node, CompletionStage<Void>> results = this.dispatcher.executeOnGroup(new PropertyChangeCommand(name, value));  // Execute on every member (including myself)

                     // Optionally wait for execution to complete on each node - make sure to ignore any CancellationExceptions

                 } catch (CommandDispatcherException e) {

                     // This means we failed to send the command to cluster, for whatever reason





             public void propertyChanged(String name, Object value) {

                // Update your state




          Any invocation of MyBean.update(...) will be propagated to the propertyChanged(...) method for all members of the cluster.

          For more details about the CommandDispatcher API, see the documentation here: wildfly/Clustering_API.adoc at master · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub