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    what is the reason  for getting this exception "Transaction DummyTransaction{xid=DummyXid{id=9840865}, status=1} is not in a valid state to be invoking cache operations on."

    Jagadeesh kalaiyarasan Newbie

      Dear sir,


        We are using infinispan 8.1.3 for simple data sharing through "distributed cache". Some time we are receiving following exception


      "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Transaction DummyTransaction{xid=DummyXid{id=9840870}, status=1} is not in a valid state to be invoking cache operations on.

             at org.infinispan.cache.impl.DecoratedCache.get(DecoratedCache.java:443)"


      this Exception was occured while getting value from cache which support pessimistic lock.


      same time we received following exception in jgroups


      "ERROR (Request Retransmission Timer:[]) [InvocationContextInterceptor] ISPN000136: Error executing command GetKeyValueCommand, writing keys []

      • org.infinispan.remoting.RemoteException: ISPN000217: Received exception from sipproxy1-1418, see cause for remote stack trace

      at org.infinispan.remoting.transport.AbstractTransport.checkResponse(AbstractTransport.java:44) ~[infinispan-embedded-8.1.3.Final.jar:?]"


      i dont know both exception releated each other.i checked our deployment log and jgroups log if any thing happened at same time.So i found out above


      please sir .what will be the reason to get this exception??



      jagadeesh k