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    Hibernate Configurations not displayed anymore



      I hope someone can help me out. I think I or eclipse messed up a config in the hibernate configuration view of hibernate perspective. The hinbernate configuration tree does not display any of the existent configs anymore. I know they are there because if I configure a new one with an existing name it complains on save about the duplicate. If I create a new with different name, it also will not be displayed.

      Is there a way to kind of reset the hinberate configuration view (delete all the configurations) in the hinbernate perspective?


      I allready tried to delete the .metainf folder, then the configurations are gone and I can create new ones, that geting displayed. But if I would do this all of my other configs would be gone ;(.


      I'am using latest eclipse photon with latest jboss-tools plugin, but the error was already existent in oxygen.


      Can anyone give me some guidance please.