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    Strangest error I have seen - wildfly 10 / java 8 / imageio

    Kevin Stone Newbie

      I have a jar that contains a class that reads TIFF metadata.  It uses a TIFF class in rt.jar.  When I deploy the jar along with a war that has nothing to do with it, the jar works in reading the TIFF meta data.  When I deploy the jar by itself it fails with the error: WFLYEJB0457 - java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: javax.imageio.spi.ImageOutputStreamSpi: Provider com.sun.media.imageioimpl.stream.ChannelImageOutputStreamSpi not found.  Why would the war deployment/non-deployment cause the jar to work/fail?




      NEW FINDING:  The war file has a jboss-deployment-structure.xml.  In it is :


      <module name="org.richfaces">


                  <include path="**"/>




      If I remove the <imports> section and redeploy the war then the jar will fail if called to get TIFF metadata.  Does the <imports> section bring in jars that would be available to the jar file?  This is the only explanation that I can find.


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      Thanks Greg!  I added jai_imageio as a module but I also had to add it to the jre/lib./ext for some reason.  I think that there are just too many things at work here xmlgraphics, jai_imageio, javax.image, and java.awt all being used in this jar.  Someday when I have time (never) I'll have to look into why it needs all those things.

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          Greg Jewell Apprentice

          There are a couple of issues that I think are at play here:

          • There is no "org.richfaces" module within wildfly, so that is probably something that was created specifically for your application at your company.  There is a feature request to have this added, but it never was:
          • The module that is defined in the link above has nothing that adds support for TIFF images, so the module you are using is either not that one, or is a modified version of it.
          • TIFF images weren't supported through ImageIO until Java 9.  Prior to that, the only Sun/Oracle libraries that supported TIFF through ImageIO was Java Advanced Imagery ImageIO (JAI-ImageIO).  This is quite old, and Oracle has retired it.  It can now be obtained from github.
          • The classloader for your war should be isolated from your separate jar deployment, unless the jar adds a specific dependency on the war.  I'm not sure why your jar would see it, unless the newly-registered TIFF handler becomes visible to everybody in the VM.


          So, my *guess* is that the richfaces module that your war is dependent on contains JAI-ImageIO somewhere within it, and that your jar is dependent on the war.  If you can, I suggest upgrading to Java 9 (or later) so that you'll get support for TIFF images directly.  Otherwise, you can download JAI-ImageIO, create a module for it, and make your jar dependent on the module.