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    Elytron vs Picketlink




        I'm looking at integrating WildFly with a customers SAML / ADFS - solution but would like some clarification. I read that

      WildFly Elytron [1] is a new WildFly sub-project which will completely replace the combination of PicketBox and JAAS as the WildFly client and server security mechanism.

      but most (even fairly recent documentation and articles such as


      Chapter 2. How To Set Up SSO with SAML v2 - Red Hat Customer Portal

      (and SAML Single Sign-On With JBoss Wildfly and PicketLink - DZone Performance  although that one is from 2016)


      still speak of PicketLink. Or is that to interpret that Picket*Box* is replaced but Elytron integrates Picket*Link* and the approach in the above links is still the way to go with recent WildFlys?


      Thanks in advance,