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    Does wildfly-config.xml configuration (jboss-ejb-client) works for EJB client applications deployed on EAP 7.1?


      Need some clarification on a issue I am facing.


      When EJB client is deployed to a JBoss instance using "wildfly-config.xml" (placed under META-INF) it's not fetching connection URI value from the config file, it dosen't seems to load below configuration details from wildfly-config.xml.

        <jboss-ejb-client xmlns="urn:jboss:wildfly-client-ejb:3.0">
        <connection uri="remote+http://localhost:8080" />

      It works fine if we pass URI programmatically as shown below.

      jndiProps.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, provider_url);


      But if we run EJB client as standalone Java application, it picks the configuration correctly from "wildfly-config.xml".

      It seems like ConfigurationBasedEJBClientContextSelector.loadConfiguration of jboss-ejb-client.jar is not triggered.

      It's not issue with loading wildfly-config.xml, this file is loaded correctly but EJB client configuration is not read from this file.


      Sudhish Nair