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    Dockerized WildFly fails to deploy war:s containing FQCN:s with ISO-8859-1 chars


      Sorry if this is more of a Docker-thing but perhaps someone has run into this.


      I have a WildFly 9 running some WAR:s which I'm trying to dockerize. I've based the image on wildfly/Dockerfile at master · jboss-dockerfiles/wildfly · GitHub  and just changed it to use a zipped archive of my old installation with some customizations. It starts up just fine but deployment fails on the WARs, complaining on CNFE:s when there are ISO-8859-1 chars in the FQCN:s. The offending characters are shown as question marks. I was a bit surprised as thought the JVM was pretty much encoding agnostic. Or are there some environment variables that affect the encoding of the file names in the WildFly temp directories?


      Thanks in advance,



      PS. Perhaps this is related to a recent post of mine where I complained about similar character issues with Arquillian deployments. It's just a deployment, after all.


      EDIT: manually unzipping the WAR also does the question-mark-thingie so it points to some sort of system/file system issue(?)