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    Narayana jbosstm quickstarts directory structure


      Hi all,


      I would like to discuss with you the current structure of the Narayana quickstarts repository at GitHub - jbosstm/quickstart: The quickstarts for the narayana project


      By my point of view it's a little bit chaotic. If I come to check what to use it's hard to decide which quickstart helps me in solving the implementation problem I have. What I would propose is the refactoring of the structure plus (on top of that) I would like to update the top-level README to contain few words about purpose of each quickstart. The idea is that user would be routed to the useful one from the initial page.


      My first idea about changing the structure of the quickstart is based on the "runtime" - kind of: basics, standalone, wildfly, tomcat, karaf, spring, docker/cloud, <something more>. Those would be the top-level directories which would contain the quickstarts folders in the next level. I think to add "tags" to each of the quickstart which would be about used technologies. Each quickstarts could be tagged with multiple of them - like jta, jts, dbcp2, tomcat, osgi...

      These tags would be then mentioned somewhere it the top of README of each quickstarts and in the top-level README as well.


      What would be your feelings about such idea? Would you prefer some different structure? Can you see some obstacles for such changes?


      Thank you for your input


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          At one point they were grouped by top-level project the same as the main repo. Perhaps it might be enough to collate them back into that structure and update the readme? As you say there are a lot of wildfly and tomcat ones that could certainly be grouped. Perhaps that might be a useful first step to see if then further moving of the existing quickstarts is required?


          After that I agree that updated the readme would be useful.


          Regarding tags, is there some provision for that in github/markdown we can use such that when someone clicks on a tag it can return a list of matching files I wonder?