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    How do i set timeout of statefull session bean in JBOSS-2.4.

    boris Newbie

      I am tring to set timeout of statefull session bean in JBOSS-2.4.1.
      I have taken a look at document pages, but the reason I couldn't find it is that the newlist document i can get is JBOSS-2.2 DOC, and to set timeout is the new feature since JBOSS-2.4.1.
      I got some information as followed.
      417769 Stateful session bean timeout

      Added a configurable timeout for stateful session beans in (standard)jboss.xml. When their life exceed the timeout, a periodic task removes them from the cache (if present) and from the storage where they have been passivated (if present).
      does anyone know how to set it?
      thanks for give me a hand~~ ^_^