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    Scan Jboss ClassLoader

    Vinodh Dhananjayan Newbie



      Is there a way to list all classes & jars (Including deployment war/ear) loaded in Module Class loader? I want to see which ones are loaded in JVM. I checked the official documentation and found the visibility of classes will be only inside the module. I should have my logic inside each ear/war file to get this information but my ask is to browse all deployment modules in the server and get their classes and jar names.  Is it possible? If it's possible, can you please share me one sample program? I have tried couple of options but nothing seems to work. JMX is giving list of packages for each module name, but i can't able to see the class file name and their jar names. If i try to access system classloader, i'm able to get Jboss Module classes (jboss-eap-7.0.4/jboss-modules.jar!/org/jboss/modules/ModuleLoader.class). I'm looking same result for my deployment modules.