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    WildFly 8.2.1 jsp logging question

    Stephan van Beerschoten Newbie

      I can't seem to get logging straight in WildFly. I am trying to migrate a really old deployment from WebLogic to WildFly, but the log.info() and log.debug() statements riddled throughout those don't seem to end up anywhere.


      The log.debug() messages from the Java classes work, but the jsp messages seem to end up in a deep hole somewhere.


      is there something WildFly specific that I am missing? I tried setting every conceivable logger in standalone-full-ha.xml to DEBUG with no success.

      I added a logger for category="jsp_servlet", because that's how we caught them in WebLogic, with no success.


      I tried this with a packaged log4j.properties file, and without. I've tried it with including the log4j jar in my deployment, and without.

      I tried a minimal log4j.properties (default from the log4j site), and the one originally packaged with the deployment, with no success.


      What am I missing?