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    APE- Transaction problem




      I ve been trying to use arquillian with arquillian-persistence-exception, but I ve not been too successful. The problem that I am facing right now is a transaction time out.

      Some details of my configuration:
      - Jboss eap 6.4.20- APE 1 or 2 (it does not matter)

      - Two Datasources, ape using a "super user" connection, and my tests using a normal user (I have to fill some data using the super user before insert testa data with the normal user)

      - Non XA - I have enabled multiple last resources.

      - Hibernate in the normal user side

      - Postrgresql 10

      - Tests marked with Transaction.Rollback


      The problem happens when it is time for dbunit to clean up the database AFTER the test, specifically trying to execute the delete all statement;

      Obs:If I set APE to defaultCleanupPhase=NONE, everything is going to work smoothly.


      However, my problem is that I am trying to clean up the database after the test (it does not matter the mode, strict, used_tables, used_rows ...), and then I get a ARJUNA012117: TransactionReaper::check timeout for TX....". The delete statement is certainly not timeing out (if using USED_TABLES_ONLY, it has three small tables to delete (~10 rows total) . Probably something is getting locked, avoiding the "delete all" to be executed, but I can not figured what it is.


      What am I doing wrong?