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    WildFly 14 + Hibernate 5.3.6 - no transaction is in progress

    Sergiu Pienar Expert

      I'm trying out WildFly 14 and in the process I've ran across this exception:


      Caused by: javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: no transaction is in progress
              at org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl.checkTransactionNeeded(SessionImpl.java:3552)
              at org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl.doFlush(SessionImpl.java:1444)
              at org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl.flush(SessionImpl.java:1440)


      The same deployables work just fine with WildFly 13 and Hibernate 5.1.14.

      The insert I'm trying to do is started from within a method inside an EJB, method that is annotated with @TransactionAttribute(TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRED) so I'm not sure where the problem may lie.