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    Shutdown Wildfly gracefully when CLI Access is disabled

    Michael Rydeen Newbie



      I am trying to find a solution that has been created due to security concerns.  We are using Wildfly 12 and due to the location of our product (in datacenters, etc), we have been asked to close off access to port 9990.  This is due to the fact that port scanners can access it and potentially cause issues.  The issue with this is that now the jboss-cli.sh script will not work so calling the :shutdown is not possible.


      Our application is using a transactional DB and has local file manipulation code so just killing the application with "-9" is not really an option as we do not want to incur corruption.  So is there a way to hook into the code that receives the ":shutdown" call and issue a call internally?  Or does wildfly capture a "signal" that will allow us to shutdown the application gracefully?


      Thank you for all and any responses.