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    Create a new Enterprise Application issue on IE7

    Alejandro Montenegro Novice

      I'm trying to deploy a new ear through the web interface of JON2.1.2SP2, I don't think I'm making any mistakes creating it as I just have to select the ear file. Well the problem is once added, it appears in the connections properties with the full path of location of the ear on my laptop (not the jon server). So if I have a file located at c:\\myapp.ear on my laptop and add it to my JBoss EAP through JON I got

      in the connection properties:

      name: c:\\myapp.ear
      filename: /redhat/jboss/platforms/jon212sp1/jon-server-2.1.2.SP1/jbossas/server/default/deploy/c:\\myapp.ear

      This is only on windows and IE7 (not sure with firefox) on linux it works perfect as always :P