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    How to use Autoincrement ?

    arnaud Newbie

      Merry christmas everybody,

      I try to user the autoincreement function of mySQL with my entity, but i don't know how to set up my primary key field ?
      - i did an ejbcreate() with no parameter, and JUST a return null (i think i need to set my primary key ...)
      - i set mySQL with autoincrement
      -in my ejbjar i had a field "id" wich is my primary key (Integer)

      when i try to create an new entity i had a new entry in mySQL for id and an error in my broswer telling me that id may not be null...

      i think i need to had something in my jaws.xml or had something in my create function...

      thanks for help

      when i tried to create an ejb, i had a new