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    Migration from 7.2.5 to 9.3.1




      I'm trying to migrate my Infinispan Jdbc cachestores using the migration tool (infinispan-tools-9.3.jar).

      In the docs, it's said that "reads data from Infinispan 8.2.x stores and rewrites their content using the latest marshalling implementation".

      But since I didn't find anything talks about the migration from 7.x to 8.2.x, I supposed that nothing had changed. So I launched the tool and saw that some entries are not read correctly.

      After some debug and research, I found that the SetExternalizer is changed in 8.2 ([ISPN-6056] Improve ReplicableCommand marshalling - JBoss Issue Tracker)

      I imagine that someone could encounter the same issue when migrating from a lower version to 8.2.


      So now, my solution is to rewrite the migration tool to read from 7.2.5 cachestore.

      But I'd like to suggest you to make the migration tool more generic, that can handle migration from every version to current. Or at least, track the changes that could have impact on the migration of the cachestore.