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    Wildfly 14, Hibernate, and other cache providers

    Brad Hawthorne Newbie

      Hi, I'm not sure where the best place for this is, but here goes.


      Our application uses EhCache v2, and when upgrading to Wildfly 14, I could not get Hibernate to use the "ehcache-singleton" region factory that I had specified in persistence.xml via hibernate.cache.region.factory_class.  It took some time debugging to discover that WildFlyCustomRegionFactoryInitiator ignores any specified region factory, however some more time Googling showed that a flag was added "wildfly.jpa.regionfactory" that can be used to disable the default forced use of Infinispan.  Upon setting this flag to false, my specified region factory is now being used and all is good.


      First off, is this intentional behavior, for Wildfly to now by default ignore hibernate.cache.region.factory_class? 

      If so, I'd like to request that the use of wildfly.jpa.regionfactory be documented in the Wildfly developer documentation, so show how one can enable the use of other cache providers.