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    Infinispan with Lucene 6.x or 7.x ?


      Infinispan currently works with Lucene 5.5.x.

      Is there a Roadmap to support Lucene 6.x or 7.x?


      Best regards.

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          Hi Dario, the Infinispan Query engine is based on Hibernate Search, so we will need Hibernate Search to update Lucene first.


          The good news is that Hibernate Search "master" branch is currently being worked on to target the very latest Lucene 7.x, but it will take a while to finish as this is going to be a major release: Hibernate Search 6.0.


          The reason for the major release is that Lucene is changing significant APIs so we will want to also adapt our APIs, and modernize some concepts while at it.


          Essentially, yes we expect to have the very latest version of Lucene supported by Infinispan as well but I can't say for sure when we will be ready, and when it will be a convenient time for Infinispan to also break their query APIs to accomodate for all changes: it's possible that Infinispan users will need to stay on Hibernate Search 5.x for a bit longer as the API changes are substantial.


          A question for you: anything specific you are looking forward for from Lucene 7? It's a great time to let us know your expectations or even to join and help


          This is the repository to monitor for progress: https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-search


          At this time it's already targeting Lucene 7.4, but it's not feature complete so nothing was released from the 6.x previews yet.


          Also monitor the Hibernate team blog: http://in.relation.to/



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            Hi Sanne,


            thank you for you fast replay and the detailed answer and the good news!


            We use Lucene (6.6.x) in our product and currently evaluating Infinispan as a distributed solution for that.

            Infinispan solves quite a lot of our requirements !!

            Only the Lucene part is somewhat problematic and we have no experiences with distributed indexes.

            Infinispan Lucene integration looks possible, but we are not sure if it makes sense for us going back to Lucene 5.5.x or to look for other solutions like Elasticserach.

            Also loosing the ability having a Lucene Index stored in its native physical storage format ist a step back.

            May be i am wrong, but my understanding is, that Infinispan can only read from existing Lucen Indexes not writing and therefore we have to use one of the Infinispan Persisstence Implementations like JDBC or Rocksdb, right?


            Again, thank your for yor help !!


            Best regards, Dario