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    Envers not loading data from _AUD tables after migration


      Hi all,


      I'm dealing with an issue at this moment and i'm not sure how to fix it.

      I have implemented audit logging using Envers 4.3.6 on a existing project.


      After creating all the _AUD tables and the custom_revision table  (including the FK relations) with a SQL script and filling those tables with lets say,

      a copy of all current states of the entities to be audited, Envers is not loading those records i have manually inserted.

      When i change a entity in my application, Envers is triggered and a new revision is created in a correct way. This revision IS  loaded by a Envers AuditQuery.


      So my migrated, manually inserted data is not loaded by Envers, and changes made in the application are.


      I have found the following work around in our development environment:

      - open Oracle SQL developer.

      - open the custom_revision table

      - edit the custom_revision with id 1 (in the GUI of SQL developer), this is the revision used to migrate all entities to the _AUD tables. For example the timestamp field.

      - save the record in the database.


      After those steps, all the migrated entities are correctly loaded in my application.

      But when i make the same change to the custom_revision record from the SQL CLI, my entities are not loaded.

      On the test and production server, the only available tool is a CLI, so im not able to perform the workaround.


      Anyone got an idea how to fix this issue?