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    Wildfly 10: not using the latest files html, js, css from vfs folder

    Satish Gandhi Newbie

      Hi All,


      We are using wildfly 8.2.0 version and our developers for front-end changes directly change the files (only html, js and css files) in vfs folder after deploying the application on wildfly. We are using the ear file for deployment in standalone environment.

      Now we are upgrading from Wildfly 8 to Wildfly 10.0.0 final version. Now in this new version of wildfly i.e. wildfly-10.0.0.final after deploying the application, when we do any changes in files(again only html, js and css files) in vfs folder. It doesn't reflect immediately now on browser.

      It is working well in wildfly 8.2.0. version i.e. as soon as we do any changes in files(only html, js and css files) in vfs folder and check on browser it was immediately reflected. But in the new version of wildfly 10.0.0 this is not reflected on browser. We have to everytime recompile the whole code and deploy the complete application. I believe it may be some cache issue but not very sure.


      Have tried the following article also but no change:

      Wildfly 8 - HTTP cache headers tuning for rich client web application · GitHub


      After doing the above change in standalone.xml, Browser is not reading the files from cache and accessing the files from server but wildfly still return the old version of files(only html, js and css files).


      Please let me know if you need any additional information.


      Please help on resolving this issue.


      Thank you