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    How does cluster node discovery work?

    dastultz Newbie



      I'm giving Infinispan a try for the first time. I am running the replication example here: Replicated Cache Tutorial - Infinispan

      I have cloned it from GitHub, compiled, and run it with Maven in 2 terminals concurrently. I believe what is supposed to happen is that the 2 instances discover each other. Each creates a random set of items on the cache and the prints everything in the cache. The idea is that the items created by one node are replicated to the other so both terminal windows will show items created by the other node. Is this correct?


      I don't see anything in the console about discovery going on and each node prints the 20 items created locally rather than close to 40. Is there something else special I need to do to get the nodes to discover each other?


      I'm running on Mac OSX, Java 1.8.0_181.