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    Different encoding behavior in Wildfly-14

    Bernhard Kunz Newbie

      I want to migrate to Wildfly-14 but i'm facing a problem:


      A request to the following REST-Endpoint gives different answers in Wildfly-14 and Wildfly-13:





          public List<String> getData(@Context HttpServletRequest request) throws NotFoundException {

              List<String> l = newArrayList();



              return l;



      The german umlaute wont be transportet UTF-8-encoded to the client in Wildfly-14.  In Wildfly 13 and before all works fine and the response is send utf-8-encoded.


      I found two workarounds:


      1. Enhance MediaType with charset so it looks like    


      2. Start Wildfly with JAVA_OPTS "file.encoding=UTF-8"


      but both settings were not necessary in Wildfly-13


      Does anybody have an explanation for the different behavior and a better solution than the two workarounds?

      Thank you!



      PS: I found out that starting Wildfly-14 with -Dresteasy.preferJacksonOverJsonB=true gives me the expected UTF-8 encoded result.


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