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    CMP stateless session bean & SQL update

    Yong T. Kim Newbie

      I guess my question is pretty newbie question. I'm trying to figure what's causing this problem and how to fix it.
      Basically, the problem is that in my CMP stateless session bean, I have a method that executes JDBC "executeUpdate" method to flip one of the table column value from 0 to 1. While JBoss & Tomcat is running, it executes fine. The value gets flipped successfully... However, when I restart the JBoss & Tomcat, the values go back to its original value, 1 to 0. I'm guess that the transaction was on hold somewhere and never gets commited completely. Also, when the method run, it seems like the tables gets locked so that I can't query the table any more.
      Has anyone seen this problem before? Does anyone know what's causing this problem and how to fix it?

      Thanks in advance,
      Yong T. Kim