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    Aborting subprocesses

    Олег Олег Newbie

      Hi, everyone.
      I've got some issues while aborting subprocesses in jBPM (bpm suite 6.4). To cut a long story short I have my main process which can instantiate numerous subprocesses "guarantee claim" and "early claim" (see the pic.) Each of these subprocesses contains a kcontext variable called "IN_claim".


      So, my goal is to abort all the subprocesses containing IN_claim with a certain id.

      In my java code I do smth like this:


      Firstly i retrieve all the variable instance logs containing IN_claim. Then I iterate through the result set and get processInstanceId with the needed IN_claim id.

      And finally I get RuntimeEngine for this processInstanceId and try to abort the process.


      The issue is that when I abort it all the other subprocesses are aborted too.

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          Prasanth Nair Newbie

          Please try the below code for aborting process


          RemoteRuntimeEngine processEngine = RemoteRestRuntimeEngineFactory.newBuilder()
            .addPassword(PASSWORD).addUrl(new URL(BPMS_URL)).build()