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    WildFly Elytron - Credential Store - Feedback Required

    Darran Lofthouse Master

      As we are now planning the development for WildFly 15 and 16 one of the areas we will be looking into during these two releases is the WildFly Elytron credential store.


      We are currently considering the removal of the PicketBox Vault from the server around WildFly 18 which is why we want to prioritise some of the remaining enhancement requests around the credential store now.


      I have put together the following blog post which highlights the key features we are looking at, the blog post also touches on some of the history of the decisions we have made moving from the approach taken by the PicketBox approach: -


      Darran's WildFly Blog: WildFly Elytron - Credential Store - Next Steps


      The purpose of this thread is to bring this to the attention of users in the community making use of the credential store, but also to request feedback however big or small to take into the next stages of development.