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    Migrating from JBoss 7 to Wildfly 9

    Werner Fangmeier Newbie

      Hi there!


      As stated in the title, we have rather large an application running well on JBoss 7/Java 7/Hibernate 4.0.x/Oracle 11+. Now we try and have it running under Wildfly 9.0.2/Java 8/Hibernate 4.3.x.


      We are stuck at a point, where we find, that SOME of the SQL generated by hibernate gets stuck executing simple SELECTs in the database,

      they simply sit there forever showing Oracle's wait event 'inactive transaction branch' and never return until timeout strikes. Of course I first seeked ORACLE Support up and down, posted the problem in the forums, but yet to no avail.


      Since the same application ran fine w/ JBoss 7, does anyone have the slightest idea, which effects from the new combo Wildfly 9/Java 8/Hibernate 4.3 might lead to such a problem?


      Just to repeat: Some (not all, but we did not yet find a key to what property is responsible) SQL selects "hang" with an event "inactive transaction branch".


      Does it ring a bell for anyone ?