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    older release downloads


      obviously this project is fairly defunct, but i've got some apps that are using sy.


      i'm looking for the older releases, but the download page on switchyard.jboss.org/downloads doesn't work for anything except the current version. 


      I was able to track down a docker image and make the url to get a 2.0.0 release (wildfly), but Im after the 1.1.Final SY release.


      I've tried building from source and the 1.x stuff doesn't work.  it gets stuck on codehaus errors among other things.  it also gets stuck on trying to find 7.2.0.Final (which doesn't exist). 


      my apps didn't port to 2.1 directly.  90% they worked, but there was an issue with a camel route with nested choice() statements that didn't work. I'll try the 2.0 but would also like to find the 1.x releases.


      any help is most appreciated.