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    Client packaging.

    Aasif Mohammad Newbie

      I have the following queries.
      1. My client for a Enterprise bean works on a remote machine only when the following jars are included in the classpath of the remote machine:
      ejb.jar,jaas.jar, jbosssx-client.jar ,jboss-client.jar
      I wanted to confirm whether, I have to distribute these jars along with my client or there is some other way of getting the client to work. Also what is the purpose of the "client" directory in JBoss.

      2.How can I make the bean access System variables?
      This is what I want to make it do: The bean has to log results/errors into a result/error log file that is in a user directory. The user defines a variable INSTALL_HOME and sets it to that directory. The paths of the log files are relative and hence the bean must access the value of INSTALL_HOME to get the absolute path. I have tried the getPropety() method in System class, but it didn't work,also I do not want to use JNI and call C code.

      Any help in these two issues will be greately appreciated.

      Thanks in anticipation,