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    Mutual ssl secured for one specific URL

    Giuliano Diego Barbarra Newbie



      I'm using wildfly 12 and create a example for mutual ssl secured and work fine. My question is: Is possible define a one URL to do Mutual ssl secured and others URLs without "mutual secured"?


      In normal test case occur:


      access: https://localhost:8443 - In this case the server require a certificate



      A form I wanted:


      access: https://localhost:8443 - Not ask me for certificate


      access: https://localhost:8443/application/secure - In this case ask me for certificate.



      Do it is posssible?



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          Martin Choma Master

          I don't know answer on your question. Most probably this is not possible.


          Something on topic (which maybe could help) :

          1) you can set want-client-auth=true on Elytron ssl-context which does not stop communication in case if you do not provide certificate (compared to need-client-auth=true)

          2) I have never tried that, but noticed currently you can configure multiple servers in undertow subsystem that should enable you to have different Elytron ssl contexts on different https-listeners (different ports)