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    Video playback issue on IOS  | accept ranges:none




      We are facing issues while playing videos on IOS devices. We understood that for video to play successfully on Ios requires range headers support. ([WFLY-6413] Range headers do not seem to be handled correctly and prevents video delivery in Chrome and Safari - JBoss I… )

      We are on Wildfly 14 and we see that for media requests we have accept-ranges: none, but it should be accept-ranges:bytes.


      To enable this byte ranges explicitly we added expression-filter in standalone-full.xml like below, it was described here Re: Does Wildfly/Undertow support byte-range requests?



      <expression-filter name="ranges" expression="byte-range(send-accept-ranges=true)" />



      attaching standalone-full.xml as an example.


      Still no luck, we still see accept-ranges:none


      I am also attaching complete network debugger .har file, this file has all requests and responses.


      Below is the actual request which fetch media/mp4 from server, you can find such request in attached .har and we could see in response header that accept-ranges is none.


      Request URL:





      Does wildfly 14 support range-headers? are there any more settings/configurations we are supposed to do? Videos are unplayable on all ios devices, Please Help!