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    Initial Context problem

    Brian Hogue Newbie

      We have a swing app deployed remotely that uses a VPN to get back to the app server. It must go through a firewall (which we have allowed for) and a NAT. The problem arises when we try to do a lookup from the InitialContext. The url the context is built with is NAT'ed (ie 192.168.NotARealAddress). For some reason the lookup fails with a NoRouteToHost exception. In the trace it indicates it's trying to use the app servers physcial ip for the lookup (which it cant get to..that's what the NAT is for). I cant figure out why it's trying to use the servers real address or even where it would get it. I am absolutely positive the Context has the NAT'ed ip; to prove it I added some debugs to the javax.naming.IniitalContect class to dunmp out the enviroment hashtable for the context right before it does the lookup. I'm really lost here....

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          ppetit Newbie

          I think your SWING app uses RMI to connect to JBoss, so
          you have to use HTTP tuneling to go through your FW with RMI.
          I think during the initialiszation of the RMI protocol the client app gets the real server address back within the header of the packets sent back by the server and the client uses it to connect back to the server, and your FW filters out this address.
          Plug a network sniffer to have look on the tcp packets between your client and the FW