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    EJB's not going away.

    Roger Newbie

      I'm seeing some weird behaviour going on with regard to EJB's not disappearing. First off, this is what i'm doing.

      I'm logging when setEntityContext, passivate etc are being called and sending some JMS messages to a queue when these happen. However, when an create happens and the bean moves from the pooled to the ready state I also send a Handle through JMS and call back in to the bean. I'm keeping track of what beans are called by outputting the entitycontext hashcode. This is where it is going a little weird... When, (and only when) I get the bean back from my JMS receiver through Handle.getEJBObject() another bean is instantiated and it's entitycontext is set. If I understand this correctly the bean is now in the pooled state(no create was called). I would expect the bean with this entitycontext (which I am tracking with the contexts hashcode) to be reused or removed at some point but i never see this happen. No removes what so ever and no creates with the same hashcode....

      Am I missing something? Any idea why this would happen?