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    Issues with 9.4

    Alain Picard Newbie

      New to Infinispan but I've encountered a few issues with 9.4 Embedded.


      • Eviction warning

              I am using the memory builder setting as Eviction one is deprecated. But in testing, validate is called (by ConfigurationBuilder#validate as it's in the list) for Eviction and it doesn't check for the existence of the proper settings in memory section.


      • SoftIndexFileStoreConfigurationBuilder not found

             While I can find it in the repo on Github, this doesn't seem to be in the final jar and I couldn't find a specific jar for it. What am I missing?


      • No version of 9.4 embedded available on Maven

             Tried to update the Weather example to point to 9.4 and it wasn't found.


      • Can't find any version of the source jar for 9.4 Embedded

           Was also looking to download the source jar to help debug and I couldn't find it.


      • Using RocksDb with OSGi not working

           Tried to use the RocksDb store with OSGi but it just terminates my framework w/o any reported exception. Ran the same test with 9.0 outside of OSGi and it worked fine.

           I suspect that this might be caused by the incorrect OSGI packaging of RocksDb as it doesn't seem to reference any of the native libraries in the Manifest and I can see that for Karaf it does a maven wrap task to get an OSGI jar for the maven JNI jar.


      Please advise if some of those are just newbie issues , or if stumbled on some real issues.




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          Radim Vansa Master

          Eviction: Not sure if I follow: are you missing any check? The validation happens on the programmatic configuration where the deprecated configuration should 'alias' the preferred one.


          SoftIndexFileStoreConfigurationBuilder: You're missing this artifact: Maven Repository: org.infinispan » infinispan-persistence-soft-index » 9.4.0.Final


          9.4 and embedded: We're not releasing the 'uberjars' to Maven anymore as people used to mix Maven-managed dependencies with other ones, leading to classpath issues. If you're using maven, use the modules you really need (core, query...)


          9.4 embedded source jar: the same as ^


          Using RocksDb with OSGi not working: please file a JIRA and try to be more specific, preferably attaching a minimal reproducer. There has been a recent version update, so there might be a problem that the OSGi tests did not catch.

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            Alain Picard Newbie



            Thanks for the quick reply.


            For RocksDb I will prepare a test case and file a JIRA, For other packaging issues, that covers it.


            As for the Eviction issue, here is what I have:









            And when I run I get:

            479197 [Gogo shell] INFO org.infinispan.configuration.cache.EvictionConfigurationBuilder  - ISPN000152: Passivation configured without an eviction policy being selected. Only manually evicted entities will be passivated.


            And in the method validate in EvictionConfigurationBulder:

            • strategy = NONE
            • passivation = true (obviously)
            • template = false

            which triggers the log.


            So I don't see that it is getting the 'alias" strategy value from the memory configuration.




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              Will Burns Expert

              The eviction one can be safely ignored. If the message had come from the memory config logger, then it would be an issue. If you want you can log a JIRA for it. To be honest the eviction config shouldn't be doing any validation anymore, as it is all handled via the memory config now.

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                Alain Picard Newbie

                In regards to the embedded Uber jar, after I installed the jar for the SoftIndex store I got the error logged here: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-5193.


                I think it would be a good thing to either warn users about this uber jar at the very least (no source jar and not extensible in some cases).



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                  Galder Zamarreño Master

                  We don't publish uber jars to Maven repositories any more due to many issues. We've been doing that in recent releases.