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    Security vulnerabilities in WF10

    Haresh Assumal Newbie

      Hi !


      I am new to Widfly but the product I am working with uses Wildfly 10 and we have used WhiteSource to scan it for security vulnerabilities and WhiteSource found about 12 high security vulnerability.  So my question is:


      1.  Are there security updates for WF 10.0.0.Final ? If so where can I download it?

      2.  Is there a list of security vulnerability in WF 10, WF 12 and WF 14?  If so can someone please send me the link.

      3.  Is the commercial version JBoss EAP 7.0.x 100% compatible with WF 10.0.0?

      4.  Does anyone know where to get the JBoss EAP 7.0 security updates?


      We would like to find a solution that fixes updates all the security issues with WF10.  If we have to move to WF14 we could but I'm told its not an easy update from 10 to 14.