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    Why JBoss2.4.4_Tomcat4 not Optimized & Why JBoss2.4 not supp

    jimotte Newbie

      I just downloaded JBoss2.4.4_Tomcat4.0.1 - I now have these problems:
      I noticed that before My application would run with optimized tag = true in standardjboss.xml so all calls to my statelessSessionBeans from my client were by reference. This worked fine with Tomcat 3.2.3. Now it is not working anymore- although the optimized tag is still set to true it is not being passed by reference anymore- but copies are- which breaks my code. So I could fix it, but the question is whether this is correct behavior of JBoss??

      Second Part- as part of my attempted fix I decided to make my session beans ejb2.0 beans using local interfaces to get the pass-by-reference effect. The strange thing is that I fix the interfaces and deploymentDescriptors- and everything deploys- and a JNDI name is assigned to the bean (I can see from port 8082)- but when I go to do a lookup on the name it states that it is not bound (the other remote beans are found just fine using same lookup- and I am not using the remote narrow for the local lookup)!!
      Object obj = getInitialContext().lookup("PageDimensionSessionBean");
      Is JBoss not binding local Interface EJB's- I thought 2.4.4 supported ejb2.0- or am I missing something??
      Part of My deployment descriptor:



      So 2 ?'s

      1. Why does Optimized Tag apparently not work anymore between JBoss and Tomcat 4

      2. Why does JBoss not bind localEJB's to their JNDI name

      I even bought the documentation- although good it does not mention local interfaces!

      Thanks for any input

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          marc fleury Master

          the non-optimized is a packaging problem on your end, class definitions are picked up in different classloaders and thus cannot be shared. This is done easier in 3.0.

          EJB2.0 local interfaces are supported in 2.4*, however the 2.0 cmp stuff is only in 3.0

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            jimotte Newbie

            Thanks for your input- actually though the localInterfaces I am using are only with stateless session beans- It just seems strange that the JNDI name is registered with JBoss but they are not bound to the localEJBObject- I look forward to the local Interface stuff in 3.0.
            The different classloaders causing a problem with JBoss_2.4.4-Tomcat_4.0.1 are a pain- especially as it works so nice with JBoss2.4.4_Tomcat3.2.3 (passing-by-refernce)- hopefully they will all be loaded the same in JBoss 3.0- so a static variable in 1 class is truly static within the whole application- and without having to worry about a class being loaded by the .war file and a different 1 loaded in a ejb .jar file causing headaches.

            Hopefully 3.0 will be released soon with an integrated stack with Tomcat- for now though I will skip Tomcat4- it proves to have too many differences for my older code.