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    REST and SOAP web service security with role based authentication and login in JBoss


      Hi all, I want to implement role based authorization and identity in my web services. i it's the first time i try to do this with j2ee. i am running jboss 6.4 nad j2ee 7. what i a, trying to understand :

      1- how to implement role based security. My web services will expose methods with certain security levels that are to be available to certain roles.

      2- how to authenticate users of my web services given that the front end is HTML5 JS (mostly react and some pure JS)

      3- how to throw encryption of soap envelopes and https in the mix

      4- if i have a users DB, what type of security mechanisms or frameworks can i use in j2ee to enable role based security.

      I appreciate if someone could give an example or point me to somewhere where i can read preferably sample code