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    jboss seam excel


      jboss seam excel is using jxl work book implementation. How easy is it to migrate a current jboss seam excel with jxl implementation to one using apache poi implementation?

      In my project I have certain report generation using excel and csv formats. The time take to render these reports is too high using jboss seam excel.

      When I switch to plain java using apache poi, it takes much lesser time.


      I have verified there are no time consuming calls in any seam components being invoked from within the xhtml files.I have done seam profiling of what seam component gets invoked and how many times the methods are called and how much cumulative time do the methods take. There is no much scope for performance improvement there.


      We do not want to bypass interceptors as we are using bijection extensively.

      For instance, to generate an excel with 60000 records it takes about 10 minutes (10 ms per row). Whereas the same excel with apache poi direct java program takes about 2 minutes.


      We have lot of reports that have been implemented with jboss seam . Is there any innovative way of boosting performance?