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    Strange error with constraint


      Hi, everyone.


      I have several subprocesses. In one of it I have 2 diverging gateways. This gateways check if a string variable is equal to any of the string constants.  The first of gateways works excellent. But the second gateway works very strange.


      This is a fragment of process with second gateway.

      First, I set up constraint (sorry for different languages on screenshots):

      In script tab it looks like this:



      I click the OK button. After I re-open constraint editor and it looks like this:

      There is no field with constant for comparing. And if I try go to Script-tab, I get this error (sorry for language again):

      In English it is like this:

      "Error while generating script:

      Could not generate expression for script. Enter the correct form parameters.

      Check the entered data in the expression editor."


      With "Confirm" sequence flow I have the same behavior.


      But in other sub-processes and in this sub-process under this workitems I have very similar workitems. And they work!


      Any suggestions, why this is happening here?


      P.S.: jBPM 6.5.0