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    Wildfly 13 with Spring MVC in a ear project

    Rocky Johnsson Newbie


      I'm working on a migration Project and its going pretty good. my last question was solved and I want to keep sharing the issues to perhaps help people because I imagine theres more people doing this.


      So my problem:

      I'm trying to create a Ear project with the spring mvc framework, it's being deployed in a wildfly server.

      The application can't be enabled and I get a problem that seems to point to a classnotfound issue


      I managed to create the same problem with a example project.


      Im using:

      Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.3a

      wildfly 13.0.0Final

      Spring MVC 5.1.2 (ish)


      In the project im just using a simple hello World structure. The spring mvc code works if i make it as a normal WAR project. but when its in a EAR project it doesnt want to be enabled.


      I've tried to add the Spring jars in the EAR Projects Lib, ive added them in the web Projects Lib, Ive added them as a module on the server.

      but i get the same errors.


      Admitedly im not very good at this and I cant see what im doing wrong, I read a few stackoverflow and other posts here and there that means that i need init the servlets.