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    EJB Client cluster connection problem

    Bartosz Piotrowski Newbie



      Is there a way to properly configure EJB Client to receive a correct topology update from WildFly running in docker container on virtual machine (vbox with docker-machine; network: bridge)? I configured WildFly to bind to docker container's IP and EJB Client to connect to virtual machine's address (with remote.clusters=ejb, etc.). Everything works fine except that I get "Operation failed with status WAITING" exception. I suspect that WildFly is sending topology update to the client with the IP it is bound to and EJB Client tries to connect to received address which results in the exception. I tried to configure remoting subsystem in WildFly with outbound-connections (remote-outbound-connection) but unfortunately the exception is still thrown from EJB Client. Any ideas how to solve this problem?