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      I am new to WildFly and I am trying to setup WildFly 14 in a Windows VM with restricted resources (do not want to discuss about it ), i.e. the VM's main hard drive (C) has no space left.


      WildFly is setup in another drive but I get the following message:

      Unable to load required resources for column 'deployment': {"status":500,"name":"indexed_db_went_bad","message":"unknown","reason":"QuotaExceededError"}


      As you can see in the attached screenshot, the "Deployments" tab does not display the left part where I could drag and drop a war file to deploy it.


      Why is this happening? WildFly is installed on a hard drive where there are more than 10GBs free. Does it try to access the full hard drive? If so why? Is there perhaps a setting that I could change?

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          Maybe your java tmp directory is still on the initial disk ?

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            Thank you very much for the guidance.


            I have created a new directory (in the new disk having a lot of free space) and set the Windows system environment variables (tmp and temp) to point to the new directory. I have also used the parameter -Djava.io.tmpdir=/path/to/tmpdir as a starting parameter in the respective WildFly windows service.  However, the problem remains. Please note that the problem occurs, before even trying to deploy something.


            Any other ideas?

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              Looks like the issue is in your browser, not on the server