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    JBOSS 7 : JSP page is broken when there is any static resources are not available ...but its working fine in jboss 5

    Muni prasad Newbie

      Hi ,


      We are migrating our Jboss instance from EAP 5.0 to EAP 7.0 . where i have noticed that  a jsp page is getting broken after the sites up because of some static html content files are not available (i.e not in the specified location).


      In Jboss 7 : the entire jsp is getting broken and there is no Stack trace to read. but in Jboss 5 : the same jsp is loading with the "Requested resource is not available ". So i want to unrestrict the jsp to load eventhough the static files are missing. Can anyone help me to figure out this ?



      Muni Prasad.K