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    Why doesn't Arquilian(was-remote-8.5) work with DeploymentManager, NodeAgent, ManagedProcess




      Sometime ago, I tried arquillian on my pc for testing it's work brillian but when I started to write test for development environment I was catching exception - Connecting to a <DeploymentManager|NodeAgent|ManagedProcess> is not supported.


      I understand that when i work on local PC it was a standalone server, but when I started to use the dev env it was a honest server with(DeploymentManager|NodeAgent|ManagedProcess)


      Can you help me to understand why it was done that and do you know how to start test in usually env(honest server)?


      (arquillian-container-was/WebSphereRemoteContainer.java at master · arquillian/arquillian-container-was · GitHub )


      if (processType.equals("DeploymentManager") || processType.equals("NodeAgent") || processType.equals("ManagedProcess")) {

         throw new IllegalStateException("Connecting to a " + processType + " is not supported.");


      I want to understand this because I can remove this constraints from code and I'll do it. It won't a right way without understanding