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    Implementation of jBoss EAP

    Shriram Kadam Newbie

      I need some guidance from you. We are using multiple JBoss versions i.e. jBoss 4.2.3, jBoss 5.1.1 and jBoss 7.1.1. We want to setup JBoss EAP to deploy security patches on all these versions. So I want to know which is the suitable jBoss EAP version to update security patches on all these system.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          JBoss EAP is not a patch management solution for application server versions it is it's own application server distribution.


          For these versions are you referring to the JBoss AS versions or JBoss EAP versions?  Unfortunately there has been an overlap in some numbering so when specifying versions you should also specify if you mean AS or EAP?


          Regardless of that JBoss 4 and 5 are now very old releases, the most recent JBoss EAP release is 7.1 which was based on WildFly 11.


          Do you have a support subscription?  If you have a subscription it would really be advisable to get all of your servers migrated to much more recent version, alternatively migrate to the latest WildFly which is just a continuation of the JBoss AS releases with a different name.