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    Which wildfly version for JSF 2.1

    john smith Newbie



      I am converting a very old JSF/icefaces app away from jboss 5. We would like to use wildfly but curious if the experts here can recommend the best version to use. We tested a while back on wildfly 10 and were able to make it work. Now that we are ready to begin, should we go to v14?


      We'll need to go first to icefaces 3.3 which requires mojarra 2.1. I don't know if we have to stick with jdk8 or if we can go to something higher yet, so we need to be able to run on some older libraries.


      It would be nice to use the latest to give us more runway in the future. But given the legacy items we need to support, which version would you start with?


      Thank you!